Are You a Good Candidate for Hedge Fund Operations Outsourcing?

Many small hedge funds, asset managers and wealth management firms are seeing big returns from outsourcing their back office, reconciliation, reporting and compliance functions. This white paper describes how to tell if outsourcing makes sense for your company. By Stephen Van de Wetering, Founder of Empaxis Data Management _______________ The fundamental reason to outsource all or part of your operations is to allow you and your key team to focus on those areas you truly shine:…

How to Prepare for an SEC Audit

For many in operations, when you’re notified of a pending SEC audit, your first instinct might be worry and panic. But, like any regulated industry, periodic examinations will take place, so why not put a system in place to ready your organization? The following are the steps we recommend when an office is first notified of its pending audit. These steps are designed to help you prepare and take the stress out of the situation….

Employee Turnover: Is the Person Who Knew How to Do Everything Gone?

Outsourcing critical, routine tasks can help you to avoid the headaches turnover can cause in your daily operations. Unexpected employee turnover—we’ve all been there. It can wreak havoc on your firm, impacting far more than just the recruiting and hiring tasks. The untimely departure of key team members charged with critical tasks like reconciliation can push you to levels of frustration you rarely reach under normal conditions. Your employees are the foundation of everything you…

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