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Overnight Portfolio Accounting

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Overnight portfolio accounting across regions, currencies and asset classes.

Empaxis provides asset managers and hedge funds with a highly experienced partner for overnight portfolio accounting. The service can be tailored to fit investment strategies across regions, currencies, and asset classes to ensure accurate reporting before the market opens. All Empaxis portfolio accounting services are governed by a tightly controlled process-oriented environment with Six Sigma quality controls in place.

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Security Master Maintenance: Updating new securities, maintaining additional information regarding securities, sectors, industry groups, and other key data as required.

Corporate Actions Processing: Researching corporate actions, calculating the allocation of basis.

Pricing File: Support modeled valuations and customized pricing hierarchies across products.

Trade Settlement: Trade routing, processing, matching and settlement. Includes affirming trades, investigating and correcting discrepancies directly with the prime brokers and custodians while employing Six Sigma processes to prevent future settlement errors.

Greenwich Investment Management, a $400 million AUM, used Empaxis Data Management to automate its daily internal reporting and quarterly client billing process. Its automated billing system reduced the total cost of billing by 90 percent and minimized the potential for human error. Click here to learn the details.

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Middle- and Back-Office Outsourcing

Overnight portfolio accounting across regions, currencies, and asset classes.

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